Fall 2012

INSTRUCTOR:            Whitney Todd

This course examines the basic essentials of caring for a home, hospitality and communicating properly and politely. The emphasis of the course is on budgeting, cooking, baking, sewing, speaking and writing as a lady. The essential ingredients of a being lady include kindness, diligence, faith, devotion, purity, conviction and contentment. We will focus on putting all of these skills and characteristics into action throughout the course.

Upon completion of this course, students will have a deeper knowledge of how to serve, encourage and love others daily through the love of Christ. The topics covered are simply a catalyst for the bigger picture.


Week 1: Introduction to course, defining Life Skills and how to be a lady
Week 2: Plan one week’s menu on a budget
Week 3: Learn basic cooking skills; make a well-balanced meal
Week 4: Discuss baking fundamentals; bake a couple of delicious goodies
Week 5: Practice table manners and etiquette in a formal setting
Week 6: Plan a party on a budget and cover essentials for entertaining guests
Week 7: Speak as a lady; discuss a lady’s responses to life’s important and sometimes awkward situations
Week 8: Learn sewing machine fundamentals; thread a needle and bobbin, sew a button and patch up a hole
Week 9: Sew a simple apron
Week 10: Discuss laundry essentials such as how to separate clothes prior to washing and appropriate temperatures of water for whites, lights and darks; handwash delicates, properly fold a fitted sheet, iron a shirt
Week 11: Clean naturally around the home using vinegar, lemons and other household items in recipes for natural cleaning; deep clean an oven
Week 12: Write letters as a lady; cover various styles of handwritten letters including thank-you, birthday, encouragement, apology, sympathy, graduation, wedding, and baby
Week 13: Wrap up the course and Christmas presents; learn creative gift-wrapping skills and how to tie bows (this will be the last week of course, close to Christmas) 

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